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Real-time study is another benefit that education with conventional methods cannot offer. Today, one can solve questions while monitoring one‘s time and compare one‘s performance with peers on a larger platform. It‘s easier to assess one‘s stand in the competition this way. Technology is bringing textbooks to life! It is bridging the gap between students from all parts of the world! Conventionally, the students would write a test that would get evaluated days later but with technology, it is possible to generate instant reports and evaluate one‘s strong and weak areas. Technology in education is an intelligent approach towards learning.

They say change is the only constant. The present education system needs to unhesitatingly embrace the ambit of technology in education. Integrating education and technology has enhanced the efficiency and reach of learning. We not only need technology-savvy students but also technology-savvy teachers who do not view technology in education as an ”extra” but a pioneering and assured way of learning. We are building Assessmentx because we believe that technology in education has a great potential in how we practice and think about learning. Visible from its current expanding spectrum, it can be a game-changer in the years to come!

Education has not changed fundamentally and still relies on the classroom models with a few teachers and many students. There are many pitfalls: finding a good teacher is hard and it is even harder for them to give attention to each student. Every student is unique in both ability and learning needs: yet classrooms impose ”one size fits all”. And then there is also the dearth of teaching and learning resources in smaller cities and towns.

Benefits of Assessmentx:

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