How it Works

Test Creation

Test Creation

Recruiter creates an online test and invite candidates

TEst Conduction

Test Conduction

Candidates take the test in a proctored online environment.



Recruiter gets a detailed report of evaluated results.



Yup. That's all. Recruiter has the list of relevant candidates.


Outsource Campus Visits to AssessmentX. Our Representatives can visit specific Campuses on your behalf!

We can visit a campus on behalf of your organization to talk about the organization, its culture and openings available for freshers. Videos and other materials given to us can be distributed among the students.

We can conduct hackathons as part of Recruitment Drives or Brand Building Initiatives.

We can serve as Test Invigilators on Campus.


Auto Evaluated

AssessmentX Tests are Auto-Evaluated

AssessmentX Tests are auto-evaluated with results published as soon as test is submitted by the candidate. Don’t waste the time of your Engineering Employees in first level filtering assessments. You can easily identify the top coders in a Campus by conducting Hackathons during Campus Visits.

Don’t Waste Time Looking at CVs

Don’t waste time going over hundreds of CVs in a Campus. You can directly ask all interested students to take the test and then look at CVs of top performers only.

No Setup Required

No Setup Required

No downloads, no installation required. 100% online platform that works without admin privileges on any Software Lab on Campus.


Online Code Test

Online MCQ Test

Online Submission Test

Question Library

Extensive Test Reports

Cheating Prevention

Test Hosting

Public/Private Test.


The platform provides capabilities to conduct all online assessments in a fair manner.

WebCam Monitoring

WebCam Monitoring

The candidate is monitored via webcam to ensure that there is no impersonation and that the candidate does not communicate with others in person or using mobile during the test.

Window Proctoring

The test window is proctored. If the candidate navigates away from the test window (for instance, to use google search), multiple warnings are given. If the warnings are ignored, the test is ended immediately and a red flag is raised in the report.

Window Proctoring
Copy Detection

Copy Detection

When code submissions by any two candidates are too similar (>85% similarity), a red flag is raised indicating possible code plagiarism.

Random Pooling

Each candidate taking the test can be given a smaller set of questions that are randomly selected from a large pool of questions.

Random Pooling

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