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22 February 2015

Press Release: AssessmentX Exam Launched in February 2015

Challenges in Corporate Training Evaluation Exams/ Education Institution Exams

No custom flexible Assessment tool.

Lack of ability to upload questions, answers, schedule of tests, sending urls as emails to test takers, IP based filtering, Proctoring and live streaming etc

Tool department does not have bandwidth to develop and maintain this tool with the latest advancements in technology.

Lot of productivity and billable hours lost for the company

Preparation of question banks takes away lot of bandwidth.

Training without assessments makes the training mostly useless.


The Times of India profiles how Belong is transforming hiring

White labeled private cloud SaaS hosting with limited to unlimited users and test licenses

Remote proctoring platform – You can watch every candidates who takes the test and stream it

Complete Auditing data available for the same

Browsing the questions is not allowed

No copy paste of questions is allowed

Can't come out of the test window

Complete ID verification

Remote live monitoring of candidates while the test is in progress

Million Question bank for the most sort after 6500 skills.


White labeled + Question based Analytics + Big Data + Google Like Page Ranking Algorithms, to rank the candidates based on skills companies look for

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 Please follow @AssessmentX for all future updates of us!

 Please follow @AssessmentX for all future updates of us!

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